Belle by Kip and Debbie Morris / Love,

Kip, Debbie, Parker, Emily & Blaze


On December 1st 1990, born was a puppy named Belle. Half Boxer and half Dalmatian, a mix that suited her well.

Of all the puppies in the litter, we chose her on that special day.We soon taught her to sit,shake,
roll over, fetch, and stay.

She loved Blue Bell ice-cream and every Easter a chocolate bunny. She often ate ribeye steak, Heck…
one time she even ate our money.

Her best friend’s name was Bruiser, and they loved each other so. The two of them had precious puppies
that one day real soon would grow.

She could out-run, out-smart, out-do, and out-wit any other dog in town. She was definitely an all-star dog,
a champion all around!

She loved to swim and chase the ducks, any lake or ditch would do. She loved all insects, creatures, animals, &
she loved all people, too.

The smell of her soft ears and paws, and even her cold, wet nose, would somehow resemble the familiar scent
of a bag of Corn Chip Fritos.

Belle was part human, she could listen, think, and feel. This dog would never fail to amaze you;
she was absolutely, positively unreal.

She loved to listen to music; she loved just about anything. Once when I played the harmonica,
she actually started to sing.

A great listener she was, and always lending an ear. She could mend a broken heart,
solve a crime, and dry a tear.

Belle has been through a lot, seen and heard many things. I never thought that one day
she’d possess her own angel wings.

It’s now May 1st, 2005 and time to say good-nite. Finally, no more sadness, pain, or suffering,
and no more fear or fright.

Belle is in a much better place,we often ask God “Why?” We only know that we will all meet again one day,
for one day we ALL must die.

In Loving Memory of Belle Morris
December 1, 1990 – May 1, 2005


You will live in our hearts forever!!
1, May 2005
Kip and Debbie Morris