Ben by Vicky



May 8 1984 ----- March 25 1999

Border Collie

This is to Ben my handsome boy,

For the whole of your life you brought me joy,

Not only to me but others too,

I know no-one who disliked you.


Long walks over hill and dale,

Always happy and wagging your tail.

Children would call for you to play,

'One of the gang' thats what they'd say.


As age set in the symptoms came,

Arthritic joints that gave you pain,

No long walks or out to play,

Just an amble you'd manage each day.


Eyes that did not see too clear,

Ears that could no longer hear.

I prayed that I could turn back time,

That eyes and limbs would all be fine,


But I could see you getting weak,

And the vet said she would like to keep

You overnight so you could rest,

And the following day do some tests.


But next morning came the call,

That you'd no longer chase a ball,

My darling Ben had lost his fight,

He did not make it through the night.

God bless you my faithful friend.