BLAZE by Tammy / Momma

I received Blaze when he was 6 weeks old. It was love at first sight. He was very outgoing. He loved to fetch sticks and balls. He was always protective of me. He even tried his best to talk.

When I would say “I Love You” he would be very vocal and it honestly sounded like he was saying “I Love You Too”. It amazed the rest of the family. But that was how he was. AMAZING!!

On Febuary 14, 2007 (yes Valentine’s Day) I got out of bed expecting to spend the day playing with my best friend, my protector, my sweet lovable baby. But, during the night someone decided I didn’t need my friend anymore. So now my days and nights are filled with pain over the death of my sweet Blaze.

I will forever hold him in my heart. Just as he holds mine in Heaven.


With Love Forever,