Fabian by Kizzy Clemins / Mommy

Well this is the story of my baby Fabian, I had just adopted him and his brother. His mother had abandoned them. So I took them both in. Then on the fateful evening of Tuesday May 20th a freak accident happened…my 3 yr. old daughter dropped Fabian…oh how my heart broke! I cried for him as if someone close to me was hurt! The next morning I took him into the vets’ office. I was told he had a fracture and he would be given cortizone shots. The vet also performed surgery under his little chin. The next day I went to visit him and Fabian was doing so good. Then yesterday when I went back to the vet hospital he had made a turn for the worst! A lady (Sally) spoke with me over the phone about him and said she would like to take him home so he wouldn’t be left all weekend alone.
Then late last nite my little Fabian past away.

I thanked them for doing all they could. The sadness I feel is almost unbearable. I thank god for what little time he was in my life. Bless his little soul…he was only 5 weeks old. I love you my little Fabian. If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.


With all my love,
Kizzy Clemins