Dakota by Brad and Lisa Green / Love,

Mommy and Daddy.

Our baby girl Dakota was our life. She was everything to Brad and I. She will always be that way to Us.

Dakota became a part of Brads life in 1994. She later came into mine in October of 2000. She was the best puppy in the world, and later the best friend we could ever ask for. She loved Us unconditionally as we did her.

Dakota was a hyper puppy filled with lots of love for life. She showered you with love everyday. She listened to you when you spoke to her. She would cock her head from side to side as you would talk as if she were really trying to understand what you were saying….When you were sick, and would be laying on the couch, Dakota would jump up on the couch and lay her body to yours and cuddle with you until you felt better. She loved to play and run. She hated bathing until it was done, then she would prance around as if she were the queen of the world. She was always there to greet us at the door. She loved giving kisses and hugs. She was simply the best thing to have walked into our lives.

We miss her so much. It just isn’t the same without her. You get such an empty feeling inside and in the house. We know shes in a better place, free of pain. We lost her to a bad seizure that her body just could not recover from. She will always be in Brad and I’s heart. Her room (yes, she had her own bedroom with her own bed and custom made curtains with matching spread on her bed) is now my comforting place. I feel her in there when ever I go in. May our Dakota rest in peace
and feel our love everyday.


Until we meet again babygirl Mommy and Daddy miss you and love you so very much.....xoxoxox
Brad and Lisa Green