Blazer by Lloyd & Karen




August 16 1981 ----- February 29 1988

Cocker Spaniel

For Blazer

Crawl to me once more my Blazer dog,

that always made me smile

To see you crawl across the room

with your extraordinary style!


Bark again oh fearless friend

I need to hear you speak,

Protect me from that big old world

for without you I am weak.


Come to me my queen of queens

and mend my broken heart.

Heal my wounds and dry my tears

for I can't bear for us to part.


If I could pet your soft blonde coat

for just a few more hours,

I know that I could face the dawn

bravely and not cower.


Were I granted just one wish,

I know that it would be

To see you healthy and happy wagging your tail

and coming home to me.


For you were truth and hope and inspiration

and you gave us so much love

That I know there is a place for you

in the heavens up above.


Lloyd and Karen













Lloyd & Karen