Fred by Lisa



March 25 1987 ----- December 16 1999

Yorkshire Terier


In Memory of Fred

Allow me time to grieve my friend for I need to have release,

Allow my heart to mend and find some new found peace.

He was with me for 13 years and my heart longs to heal,

He stayed with me through thick and thin his love for me was real.



Some might say he's just a dog they can't begin to know,

Why these tears keep coming in swells and why they continue to flow.

He was my confidant my companion and most he was my friend,

I can't believe after all this time his time has come to an end.



When Fred was a pup he was so cute so eager to please my heart,

I knew this dog would belong to me right from the very start.

He loved to be with his new family so happy when we came home,

He waited by the door wagging his tail happy no longer to be alone.



As Fred aged he did slow down but his love for me was there,

Even during his aging illness he followed me everywhere.

Of course as we know he had his faults expecting more is wrong,

In his own way Fred was a kind spirit his love was steadfast and strong.



So as I close these loving words allow my heart to breathe,

To morn the loss of the little soul who left me behind to grieve.

This is to my little Fred who's life has passed away,

And in my heart my little true friend you always will remain.


Love Mom