Boots by Norma Lewis and family / From your family XXXX

Ode To Boots

(.May 4th, 1993- February 5th, 2007)

One Spring morning in Cloyne, in May of ‘93

Moira brought some kittens in a basket

for us to see

There were 5 little kittens, looking for a home

But a little black and white one

stood out on her own.

Charley said “please, Mom,

can we take the black and white one.

It is so very cute and I promise

to look after after ‘em.

Within a few short days, Boots became her name.

She gave us so much joy and love,

Our house was not the same.

She loved it at the trailer,

she played and climbed the trees.

Then suddenly, you would hear her meow,

“Please climb up and rescue me”

One day during all her travels,

she found a fishing rod.

Before she knew it and before

we could get to it

She hooked her little paw.

We took her to the local Vet

and he was much amazed

“ I see you caught a cat fish”,

As Boots stood there a-dazed.

Before too long, she was gone to run

and jump and play,

Chasing chippers and little birds

but keeping them at bay.

She loved to tease poor Shadow,

he was tied so he would stay,

But Boots knew the rope line and

that’s just where she’d lay.

The dog would bark and jump

around and pull upon the rope,

But Shadow knew it was true,

he really had no hope.

Boots gave many a mouse a run

for their little lives

For no matter where they would run.

They simply couldn’t hide.

Boots had such a personality,

she was one unique cat.

She was such a little cutie pie,

yet such a little brat.

The years were very good to her

but she began to slow

What used to be fun for her

no more she yearned to go.

She wanted now just to stay,

In the basement where she would lay

Looking out the patio door

Laying on the carpeted floor.

But because she had long fur,

she found it mighty hot.

And so we decided in the summer months

to rid her of the lot.

We took her to the groomers

who did trim her and no lyin’.

When we went to pick her up,

she looked like a little lion.

They told us not to laugh at her

‘cos she would be feel badly,

We did not want this for her nor

for her to feel sadly.

She looked really cute but really funny too

To keep from laughing silly,

it was very hard to do.

Wee Boots you were the cutest and

we miss you very much,

We have your little paw print

now so we can stay in touch.

Sleep well my little Booties

‘cos we will meet again.

And when we do, we’ll recognize you

With your little black and white mane.


With Love Forever,
5, Feb 2007
Norma Lewis and family