Brooke by Debbie Meeder / Your Best Friend and Keeper

My Sweet Brooklyn Sunshine

It’s been 4 years since you went away,
But the pain still feels like it was yesterday.

For weeks and months I cried for you, to hold you close, like I used to do.

I think of how it used to be, how you’d curl up in my neck, and go to sleep with me.

You were so little and so full of life, to end it so soon, just wasn’t right.

God only knows the sorrow I bear, why did this happen? It just wasn’t fair.

It only consoles me to know in my heart, that your up there with God, never to part.

That someday we’ll be together again, to frolic and play till eternitys end.

So good bye for now my sweet Brooklyn Sunshine, I’ll always love you, till the end of all time..


With all my love,
12, Apr 1997
Debbie Meeder