Brookie by Emma / Your mammy Emma

On August 25th 2008 I went out to Blanchards town with my mam and dad. I went to the petshop which is named Petstop and I saw a little dark brown Syrian hamster. I took to him straight away and knew he was the one for me so I went to my mam and dad and asked them if I could buy him. I bought him and then I brought him home. I had two other hamsters at the time; their names were Angel and Humphery. But one day I was on my way to play a camogie match when all of a sudden my dad got a phone call it was about Brookie. I heard my sister crying on the phone saying Brookies not well Brookies not well. My heart stopped. I knew Brookie was on his way out because he was not young anymore. I ran up the attic stairs and looked at Brookie who was lying on the bed; he tried to walk but his legs let him down. Brookie died the following day. r.i.p Brookie, Humphery and Angel my three babys that went too soon. By Emma age 12 years.


With all my love,