Brownie by Sherry Tatum / Momma

Brownie Was BIG for being a Chihuahua, but I know she was a true breed for she was the daughter of the Male Chihuahua BLACKKEY we had, and this is a continued story from (BLACKKEY TO MY HEART). As the days continued from Blackkey passing away I watched his daughter Brownie and her Mom (aka Lady) become close for the first time in three years, they started going outside in the early mornings and would run and play together just as if they were old friends, why was this? well after Blackkey passed, Lady started having seizures one night (they was so bad that I thought I would lose her as well) but it seemed as if all they did was turn her back into a child, and my vet put her on Medicine to keep them from happening again. During this time Brownie continued to grow, became protective from her daddy’s teachings, and she also ballooned out… and that is how the nickname FAT GIRL came about.

Brownie did not like guns or knives being brought out, nor did she like people getting rowdy and rough housing, she would give a high pitched whine to let people know they was getting out of control. Visitors would wonder why she whined that way sometimes and we would say, she was taught young and very well from her daddy, and she controls the rough housing if it gets to bad, she still never left the fence even when Lady would, and when I would get the leash she would run and hide, for that told her she was leaving and she didn’t want to…

She eventually got up to fifty pounds and stayed in that weight range the rest of her life. When visitors would come over they would be amazed for her being healthy and very active for the size she had become.

Years went by and she found a corner on the sofa that she loved really well and a place in front of the TV where I laid a Therapeutic Mat for her, and it was hers, she allowed others to get on it, but when she wanted it they would get up and move for her, they wouldn’t fight or even growl when she headed to her mat to lay down.
Then one day she changed….

She would not eat, play, get in her spot on the sofa, she just layed on the floor like she was lost. We went to my vet and he told me that she was very ill her kidneys was trying to shut down, and he wanted to keep her over the weekend and we could come and visit her anytime. I told her bye and that I would see her later, praying that god
would get her well again….

The next morning a call came in she had passed in the middle of the night, we went and picked her up and she now lays with her dad under the Tree that all of my dogs have loved over the years.
It has been a very hard year for me, I hear her scratching at the door to come in, she does it quit frequently and others have heard it as well and when they go to the door to let her in, (it is funny in a way watching peoples expression when they go to the door open it, and no one is there and my other dogs are inside watching them do it) we tell her hi Fat Girl come on in.

I believe I know why she is here though, for her momma is having trouble walking and she is getting slower in her days of 13 years, I know soon she will leave us as well, and Brownie is here to help guide her home to be with Blackkey and my other family members, I feel relieved that Brownie will help her Momma one last time when she is ready to go to heaven no sorrow no pain…

Brownie will always and forever be in our hearts, WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU BROWNIE!!!!


Love Always,
Sherry Tatum