Brutus by David & LaRee / Dad dog & Mom dog

Our Brutus came to us on the day of my Dad’s funeral in June of 1996. Brutus was a stray, but very odd that a Boxer would be stray? We never located an owner so we adopted him and he became Brutus. At that time the corner lot next to us was vacant, just an empty lot that was fenced in next to us and we had a gate to enter the lot. Therefore, it was Brutus’ play area. The school bus stop was located at our corner so each morning the children would look through the fence or climb onto the fence to see Brutus. For safety I made a poster about Boxer dogs and Brutus and the next morning Brutus and I went to the bus stop to see the children. We had a grand time. We met everone and they all loved on Brutus. The next morning our door bell rang at 7:30am. I opened the door and there were the children, “Mr. White, can Brutus come out and play?” So, we did, and Brutus ran arround and played and got loved on. Brutus even got on the school bus when it was time to go to school. Wow, did I have a time getting Brutus off of that bus. For the remainder of his life Brutus lived with us as his Mom dog, and I as his Dad dog. We played hard, we ran fast, we spun circles when it was time to “Get the mail” But the thing that Brutus did best was to love every one he met. Years later the children got older and some moved away. Brutus loved the new children as the came by. One night Mom dog and I went to dinner and the host at the reception looked at us so strange like he was trying to recognize us. He looked at me and asked ” Your Brutus’ Dad arn’t you?” What a great honor, to be reognized as my Brutus’ Dad. That wil be a great memory for me and a bright spot of my life. Holidays were fun but the one that Brutus and I liked best was Halloween! We always made a big thing…decorating the yard carving fancy pumpkins. Dressing up was fun, the kids asked what was Brutus dressed as? Mom dog said “He’s a vaccume cleaner” the kids laughed and said no. Mom dog said, “drop some of your candy and just watch Brutus clean it all up.” The children asked “What kind of vaccume is he? Mom dog said “He is a Hoover of course.” The nest year they asked again what was Brutus for halloween? We told the that he was a Gargoyal garding the cemetary. That was the year we started the Cemetary with fog and effects. Brutus was walking in the “Cemetary” [our yard] wandering in the fog when three high school girls walked up. Brutus could see them but the fog concealed him from them. Brutus walked over to greet them and scared the girls so bad I think one of them must have wet herself as they went screeming down the street.
Brutus and his family tried to meet and greet each new family that came to his street. The Mail carrier, the UPS man and the FedEx driver all came to know and love Brutus. When Brutus got his Licenes, the UPS man let Brutus drive the UPS truck down the street. [not really but they did go for a ride together]
Brutus became very sick 2 weeks ago and stopped eating. Mom dog and Dad dog took him to his doctor. After several days Brutus was taken to Advanced Critical Care in Tustin California, where surgery might be possible. The doctors tried to help Brutus but found that his quality if life after surgery would have left him unable to enjoy any of the activities he loved so much, and he would be on medicine everyday for what little time would be left of his life.
Mom dog and Dad dog asked the doctors to not wake Brutus up from the deep sleep he was in from the surgery. Brutus lived at his home on Oldenburg Street from June 7, 1996 and
Brutus went to sleep on Saturday Evening June 25, 2005 at Sunset
After Brutus went to sleep on his final day his remains were cremated and returned to us. What would be more fitting than to have the UPS man bring Brutus Home.

Our home is very empty now, and our hearts are broken…We miss Brutus so much and cry each day. We hope that the stories are true about the Rainbow Bridge.


We will meet you there over the Rainbow Bridge
David & LaRee