Brutus by Sue Bentz

What a marvelous little puppy came into lives in May of 1992!
You were the little “runt”
but Mom could see that you were going
to need a “BIG” name
to go with all of that spunk.
So “Brutus” it is!
You proved many times over that the name would fit you perfectly.

Well Mom decided you were definitely the pick
of our little “Susie’s” litter
and would be the perfect pet
for our new Grandson Brandon.
We were going to have to keep you for just a little while
until Brandon moved out of an apartment and into a house.

That “little while” became a whole year.
The time came to take you to your new home with Brandon.
Guess what?
Brandon’s Mom and Dad were on our doorstep
early the next morning
with you in their arms.
Mom you have to take Brutus back.
He is so bonded to you. He cried all night!

Well Brutie you were to become the greatest addition to our family.
A family could never asked for a more faithful loving friend.
Thank you for staying by my side so faithfully through
my chemotherapy for breast cancer.
I couldn’t have survived without your little smile and
little body next to me.

Remember when we cuddled under the quilt together
when I wasn’t feeling good?
I can’t forget what a great little companion you were to Dad
as he was dying of kidney cancer.
We will always remember how you would ride on Dad’s shoulder and
how Dad would joke that you had been raised with a “Parrot”!
You stayed faithfully by Dad until he died.

Yesterday Brutus I had the privilege of holding you until you died
and “yes” Brandon was with me too.
Soon Brandon and I will sprinkle your ashes
on Dad’s grave,we know in our hearts
that you are in Heaven riding Dad’s shoulder again.
We love you more than words can say.
We will see you again one day.

Keep smiling!
Love Mom and Brandon


Sue Bentz