Amber by Lisa

Amber came into my life a year after I was married
a little ball of blonde fur!
It didn’t take her long to win a place in not only my heart
but that of my husband parents and in-laws
she touched everyone she came into contact with.
She was such a little character
with her own personality!!
She loved to go out in our boat sleep on the hearth and
go for Sunday rides in the car!

She was faithful and loving never asking
for anything but love.
In her 12 1/2 years here on earth
she had many illnesses even surviving a cancerous eye tumor
only to succumb to a liver disease one year
after being diagnosed.

She was a courageous dog.
She was and is truly an angel that was sent to me!
I wish I could have done more for you
I have so many regrets and guilt
about not always being able to provide you
with the medication you needed
not paying alot of attention to you the last few months
because of a new puppy in the home
not sleeping with you on the floor when you started to go
down hill and most of all not holding you and
spending some quite time with you before I let you go.
Can you ever forgive me my love?
You are my angel!
I love you!