Bubba by George Livingstone / Your Dad

Yesterday I lost my friend and loyal companion, Bubba. I was there when he was born and was the first to hold him. I held him in my lap as he took his last breath. I have laid him to rest next to his mother, Pookie, who died last September at 20 years old. Having them in my life for so long it has been heartbreaking for me to lose them both. Bubba seemed to age quickly when his mother died and often went to her grave on the patio and just sat as if he was waiting for her. Maybe he knew that she was waiting for him. I feel like part of me has died as well and I shall miss them both for a very long time.

Dear God, please take care of my beloved kitties until it is my turn. Hold them in your arms and show them all your love!


I miss you both.
George Livingstone