Buddy a.k.a.Baby Girl by Tina / From someone you have left
an imprint in that

I Love You

How come the things that we love the most
are the things that we loose?
Ever since you left I’ve been all tears
Because I wish that we could have spent many more years.
You lit up my life more than you could have imagined.
The way you looked
at me with those big brown eyes.
How now all that I have for you is my cries.
I loved you more than you’ll ever know.
And I’m sad that I just never got to show.
You how much I cared.
How much I wish I could have been there
Here with you everyday
And now I’m crying my life away.
These tears are for you.
The ones I cry every night
Wishing that you’ll know how much
I love you with all my might.
You were always there for me,
My angel through the night.
My guardian angel you will always be.
I never felt alone with you in my sight.
You brought so much to me.
You gave me so much.
I wish I could have built you the castle that you deserved.
I wish that we could have camped in the living room floor.
I wish I could have given you so much more.
All I could give you was my love,
But sometimes I don’t know if you know
How much I care.
I wish you were here by my side.
I’m tired of living without you in my life.
I cry myself to sleep every night
And wake without you in my sight.
You were my baby, my angel, my little light,
But now I feel so lost and alone.
I wish you could fly down to me
with your wings from heaven.
My little angel has to be here for me.
I cry because I don’t want to say good-bye.
I’m afraid that I”ll forget
Your beautiful face (and)
The way I could see God’s love in your eyes.
I never thought I’d have to say good-bye,
to someone I loved so much.
To someone that touched my heart
Like an angel straight from heaven.
Please help me not to cry.
I know you’re in a better place,
But I wish that you could visit.
That’s too much to ask I know,
But somehow someday I want to show
So that one day you will know
How much
“I love you”
My baby girl.


In loving memory of Buddy,
my little angel.
I still love you very much.
Buddy a.k.a.Baby Girl
6, June 2003