Buddy by Greg



March 13 1986 ----- August 10 2000

German Shepherd

Please Lord

Please forgive me Lord for the things

I do I know are wrong.

It's cuz I do these things that I feel

That I just don't belong

Under Your wing part of the fold

That's why I sing my solo song.

That's why I rarely ask anything from You-

I feel that would be wrong.

But I have a request - a favor to ask

On this heartbreaking day

If You would do this for me Lord well,

I wouldn't know what to say.

You see Lord I don't know how I can

Put down my little girl.

It seems to me that it should be You

That takes her from this world.

Although I'm driving down today

To do this terrible deed

I pray to You Lord please take care

Of her one remaining need.

And if I find when I get there

Her loving eyes still greeting mine,

It'll break me in two but I'll send her home

TO sit beside You for all time.