Bugszey Tee Reynolds by Nina M Reynolds / Mommy

I got you when you were eight months old and fell in love with you as soon as you choose me to be your favorite companion. We shared many loyal years together. You made me laugh, you made me cry and you taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. On Sept. the 29th, 2009 you came to me and yes you let me know it was time. As I held you in my arms you fought leaving all the way up to the end. I asked for that one last kiss as I held you in my arms, you gave it and looked at me with thankful eyes as I held you in my arms. I promised not to let you suffer. I promised you I’d not be selfish when the time came. I promised you that I’d let you go when it was time for all of the love you gave me it wouldn’t be fair for me to let you suffer. Until we meet again, my teenie.

I still yell, teenie where are you but now all I have is the memory of you coming to me and pawing me, like Mom, I’m here are you crazy. I loved your kisses. You were my couch potatoe buddy. I miss you so much Bugszey Tee my little teenie meanie. I hope that your playing with Bear at Rainbow bridge. I will see the both of you again. True love never dies. Maltese’s are special. Still your Mommy. I miss you so much.
Nina Marie Reynolds-Decatur, IL


With Love and Kisses,
Bugszey Tee Reynolds
Nina M Reynolds