by Alleen Mapes / Alleen Mapes

Almighty God,

Please help us endure the grief of losing our dear Lewis. Please let us know that he is resting with you watching over him, and that he will always know that our love for him will never end.
Please allow him to greet us when we depart this world. If you gave him to us for 15 1/2 years, surely you will have him know when our souls are soaring for rest and happiness, and he will reach out to us immediately for our eternal reunion. If heaven is a perfect place, then my Lewis, and other animals that I have lost over the years, must be there, I think.

Please take care of him, and I pray for all of the other people who have lost animals. I suppose you just “lent” them to us to teach us unconditional love and forgiveness. Thank you for lending us Lewis, the most precious dog
I have ever known.

Forgive me for every mistake I ever made raising him, and let him know that I am truly sorry. I know he forgave instantly, as you do when one asks, but I can’t forgive myself. It was so heartbreaking to have to have him euthanized, but his pain had to end. Now, please help my family heal from the devastating emotional pain, and the guilt of having waited too long to end his suffering. However, if I had done it sooner, I would have felt it was too soon. I still feel guilty for the euthanasia.

Thanks for letting him be peaceful before the procedure, and I pray for my vet who works so hard, and loved him so much.
Please give him paradise, and let him know that he is now buried in our hearts too, and let him know that our love is eternal. May he Rest In Peace, forever more, and we will enjoy eternal life with him.


Alleen Mapes