by David and Gloria Bullard / Dad and Mom

This sweet boy passed away on March 2,2006. We had him for 11 1/2 years. Always a sweet boy, traveling with us all over this country. He has been in about 45 of the 50 states. He saw places in the US that most humans have never seen. Niagra Falls, Seattle, San Francisco, Yellowstone Nat.Park, Grand Canyon, and many other places and his most loved place to visit was all the Cracker Barrels that we loved to eat at all over the US.

Part of the time while traveling, we were working. Gloria and I photograph and video children’s beauty pageants around the country. He loved the kids and always gave them sweet kisses. They never bothered him and he liked having his picture made with some of them. Sometimes he would have to stay by himself in the motel or hotel room. That didn’t bother him at all. He would sleep on our clothes or in the suitcase, patiently waiting for our return.

He will be missed for a long,long time.He was so loving by everyone who ever met him. His girl friend, Ginger lives across the street and he would visit her when she would be out for a walk.

He had a favorite toy,his yellow Big Bird. He liked to have you play tug-a-war with him and then he would just lay down with it clamped in his mouth for a few minutes. Soon he would be ready to play again. He slept with us every night for all those years. He would always go with me outside to get the newspaper in the mornings. Loved to chase cats, but some were bigger than him and would just sit down and look at him while he barked. It was really hard telling his vet. and grooomer about the his passing. I think they were just as sad as we are. I sometimes think I hear or see him.


With Love Always,
David and Gloria Bullard