by Heather / Mommy

My name is Heather and I’m 16 years old. Two years ago I got my Pomeranian Bailey as a birthday present, and I was so estatic because I love dogs, in fact before Bailey died I had 8 dogs. This weekend March 10-March 12 I was atending Louisina’s all-stars spirit camp, and I left my dad in charge of my all of my babies. Well he went outside and he did not know that she went out with him and she dug a hole and escaped from my fence. When my mother and I got home today, March 12, 2006 I saw Bailey on the road lying there lifeless. I was so upset, my dad told me it just happened. I automatically dropped to my knees. I know Bailey is now in Puppy heaven, and my grandma who died in September due to Huricane Katrina is watching over her,
because she knew how special Bailey was to me.

This is a really hard time for me. I lost two souls that were really close to me in less than a year’s time. RIP Bailey Taylor and my grandma Anne. It has only been a day since your passing Bailey, but Mommy will never forget her precious little darling. Mommy loves you.


Until we see again,