by Diane Mazur / Diane T. Mazur 2007

Your absence leaves a vacant spot
in our home and in my heart.
The memories of you surround me,
there is only pain since we are apart.

I swear I hear you walking,
the sound of your paws across the floor.
I turn with great excitement,
only to see you there no more.

I still feel your presence,
by my side as you always were.
I can still smell the “doggie” scent
of your shiny, brown soft fur.

I wake and sob all through the night,
you are no longer at the foot of the bed.
No more morning slurpies,
no more patting you on the head.

Making the horrible decision
that it was time for you to go.
Will haunt me for a life time,
was I sure, how did I know?

To have kept you would be selfish
you could walk no more or play.
Now you are in a special place
running happy,every day.

The time will pass, the hurt will wane
but not even for one minute.
Will my home, my heart and my life
be the same without you in it.


Diane Mazur