by Diane / Your Mommy,

Diane Joyce

Scooter Boy

I miss you now, my heart is sore.
As time goes by I miss you more.
Your loving smile, your gentle face,
No one can fill your vacant place.
Every day I think of you in my mind.
You know that I’ll always love you.
I always did.
You know how I feel, I feel you near.
I love you a lot. I always did.
I wanted to take you with me,
but it couldn’t be
I always hoped you understood.

I loved you in a special way.
You are in my heart forever to stay,
And I hate that you are gone.
I always felt that I did you wrong.
Divorce is an ugly thing.
I didn’t know how to make you understand.
He would never have let me take you.
But Shelly and I never stopped missing you.
But I feel like you are with us again,
in our hearts.

I can’t ever forget you, because at one
time you were my boy.
So sleep tight and have a holy night,
And watch over us tonight.
Let the stars shine bright,
And the songs sound right.
I was there for you and
you are there for me,
and I know you’re there sitting above us
on the clouds, watching over us.
We all love you Scooter Boy!!!