by Jessica / Jessica

It was a warm day when we found you
Climbing up the tree
With your brothers and sisters
How could it be.

I wanted dad to catch one of you
I didn’t care which one it could be
You were the slow one
so you came home with me.

You became the center of our world
How could it be
that it started all by climbing that tree.

Over the years you helped us all
from waking us when the baby cried
to greeting us at the door when we came home from a long day.

Dad taught you to roll over
and meow on demand
You layed next to him and with your little wet nose
you touched his hand.

It was only a year ago when dad came home sick
you never left his side
You never left him alone
It was your love that helped him through.

Just after those days
things began to go down hill
You didn’t think of yourself
and began getting ill.

We tried all we could
all that we knew
to try and make you feel better
Like you did to us each time.

Each new doctor we spoke with
Each new article we’d read
Each new food we tried
You just weren’t feeling any better.

The day came we had all been dreading
The day came it was time for you to go to heaven
The day came when we couldn’t’ think of ourselves
But think of you and let you go as hard as it was

We Miss you so much Tigger
and we will never forget
all the wonderful memories
and know Tigger, we love you so much!