by Julie / Julie Isaac copyright 2006

He walks through the house looking for you. Looking around every turn thinking you will soon jump out and attack him. He knows you will sooner or later. He is all set to put you in a head luck. He has loved you through it all even when you thought he didn’t. You, my little man, kept him young keeping him going, keeping him fighting. When I tell him you are with God now running, playing and sleeping with god he just looks at me and dose a small meow. Spots the old man miss you true and dear even if he didn’t want any one to know. He thought you would be here for years to come, but you life was short, only 3 months long. But in that time you have touched so many lives. I know what you did was to save Ivory from harm and for that I will always be in your debt and you will always be in our heart.

What do you think I like you? You’re wrong I love you more then you will ever know! no one can or ever will take your place. Spots you are one of a kind with your jumping side ways to make sure we laugh and you always made sure we did that. Rest in pace my buddy. And once again thank you for everything you have done for us. God bless you!