by Khani Adams-Young / Mommy

Dear Koa,

It is now 5 months since I last held you and tried to comfort you while you were so sick. It still haunts me how that whole day went and I have so many regrets, not that anything could have saved you my little boy. How could I have known that you had eaten something so bad for you while I wasn’t with you. My heart breaks each and every day because I see you little face as I left you for the last time. I guess in a way I know I wouldn’t have you long but I didn’t think it would be such a short time either. I miss you so much and keep your memory alive within me although it is tearing me apart at times. Oh Koa how can I even try to explain. I hope you knew how much I loved you and what a good life I wanted to give you.

I wish for your spirit to come back to me somehow even if it is in another form. Please try. I love you and just can’t get over the loss of you. Five months is not a long time but it feels like an eternity since you were here and yet like yesterday since I had to leave you and get that god awful call that you were gone. I will never forget how I felt that moment, like I was with you somewhere else and did not want to come back. I guess it wasn’t my time but it was yours my dear little puppy. I hope someday to see you again. I will love you today, tomorrow and always.


Yours Forever,
Khani Adams-Young