by Kris / Kris Costello 2007

December 8, 1992-October 12, 2006

You were almost fourteen
My sweet Ernie boy
How you loved to play
With just about every toy!

You brought all of us happiness and joy
For no one will ever break our bond, my boy
Your arthritis was hard to endure
Oh, how I wish there was a cure

I’m filled with so much sadness and pain
I cry for you, baby, like a heavy rain
For there will be nothing replace my tears
You gave us so many happy years

You’ll never know how much we love and miss you
I wish you were here so I can kiss you
Please, dear Lord, hold him close every day
Until mommy can reunite with you someday

You had the most beautiful coat I’ve ever seen
With your watchful eyes, and you were so keen
I’ve cried so many times over you, my sweet
You were the most well-behaved boy, always
deserving a treat!

Living without you, nothing but tears
How I wanted you with us for many more years
At Rainbow Bridge, We’ll be together someday
We’ll give hugs & kissies and
do nothing but play!

For I can’t wait to see you and O.J., too
I will be so happy and no longer blue.