by Melissa / Melissa Monotya copyright 2007

Needles you will never be forgotten!
If only I knew how sick you were we
would have gotten you help sooner.
But you were always a strong kitty cat!
We will never forget the 14 years of happiness
you gave us. All the licking of our heads as we tried to sleep at night. Yes licking just like a dog would have and how you would be waiting for us when we came home. How you would wait for me to feed you in the morning. You are a special cat to us and will never, ever be forgotten. Just as you waited for us to come home I hope and pray you will be waiting for me as I go home when it is my turn to leave this life.
We love you and will miss you so much!
Your memories will live on forever!


Mom, Dad, Audra, Ashley and Ariana!