by Patty / Patty Mattox Copyright 2007

Our Whisker Pups, Sweet Baby Boy
Our Bestest Friend so true.
The hardest thing we did today
was say good-bye to you.

I tried to put your things away
but it’s somethng I can’t do.
Cause everytime I pick them up
I feel I’m holding you.

I folded up your blanket
and held it to my face.
It has your scent so strongly
It’s something I’ll embrace.

Our precious little Whiskee
Our pain runs oh so deep.
I hear you all around the house
I see you in my sleep.

You were so kind and gentle
to everyone you met.
You left your mark deep in our hearts
And your love we won’t forget.

So long for now Whisk but we will see you again some sweet day. Punch looks for you everyday in the yard and sits and waits for you on the front porch. He too misses you so much.