C.C. {Christmas Cat} by Kelly & Patricia Casey / Mom and Dad

C.C. lost her brother exactly 5 months before she passed. She and the veterinarian put up a valiant effort with a tongue that would not heal after surgery. She was fed at home through a stomach feeding tube and bathed daily because she couldn’t bath herself
because of the condition of her tongue.

We battled a serious infection and even though we were feeding her much more than she would ever eat on her own – she dropped to 6 lbs. After two months, 5 surgeries, countless medications and unlimited TLC from her mom and dad and the vet – she continued to deteriorate. She had no quality of life and was confined to a small spare bedroom
relying on us for food and water.

The very difficult decision by all parties was to end C.C.’s misery and put her to sleep. A biopsy was taken of her mishapen and discolored tongue and it turned out to be cancerous – the reason that her tongue never healed. She will be missed and
her loving manner will never be forgotten.


Missing you
C.C. {Christmas Cat}
Kelly & Patricia Casey