Caribe by Cathy and Richard



May 8 1982 ----- December 22 1998




God didn't say that I might keep

This lovely Autumn Day,

Nor did He mean that through all time

The world would look this way.

He sent the beauty of the Fall,

The changing Autumn leaves,

And yet I know within my heart

God only loaned me these.


I marveled at the reds and golds,

The mountains smiling fair,

And filled my mind with wondrous sights

I found most everywhere.


So much in beauty to behold,

October's pleasantries,

And yet so soon will change I know

God only loaned me these.


God only lends life's lovely things,

However large or small,

He keeps them ever in His power

Then lends a share to all.


by Garnett Ann Shultz

Salesian Mission's Book

In loving loving memory of Caribe

Love of our life

Mom & Pop


Cathy and Richard
















Cathy and Richard