Casey Jones Maguire by Christina Maguire and Mary-Jane Murrant Maguire / Mommy and Chrissy…

In June of 2008 a loved one that taught his mother and best-friend so much joined our family. Casey- Jones was born in April of 2008.. He joined our family two weeks too soon and needed on EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY.. I’m only 14 and my mother and I had had quite a dispute over getting a pet.. Casey was an unexpected arrival.. He was given to me by a woman whose cat had almost died having his litter as she was VERY OLD.. I didn’t have the heart to ship the poor little guy back so I braved it and took him home to my mom.. With the passing mouths this little kitten warmed our hearts by showing us his passion for nature..

He’d sit for hours watching out our only window waiting for me or my mother to let him out.. When Casey went out he’d roam for hours and bring me and my mother crickets and other small insects.. Casey even loved the snow.. and Christmas was Unbelievable fun for him with all the ribbons and wrapping paper… In the morning I’d wake and be snuggled by him before I changed for school and in the evening I was greeted at the door with a mew and a head butt.. But soon it all changed..

Casey began to grow sick.. and sicker and sicker until we bit our lip and took him to the vet.. My mother and I are on a fixed income so we couldn’t afford much.. my mother nursed the sick cat for weeks before we found the truth.. Casey was born with feline leukemia.. he lived for two days after being diagnosed… then died in his sleep as my mother was waiting for a new check to put him to sleep so he would
no longer be in pain..

As I sleep at night and feel the cold breeze on my face.. it reminds me of him sitting on the step feeling the wind through his soft fur.. how free he was.. how happy he was.. How he loved the breeze…

I wish the best for my sweet little one in the after life.. I’m sorry we couldn’t save you Casey.. but I promise you’ll always hold a special place in my heart that no other can fill.


R.I.P Casey from,
Casey Jones Maguire
Christina Maguire and Mary-Jane Murrant Maguire