Casey Mae by The Jankowski Family / Brooke your sis, 4 – ever and always

Casey Mae, was a very very sweet dog. She loved to play and always wanted to be with us, no matter what was going on. Casey was are friend, and family to us. She was like my little sister and my mom & dads daughter. Casey has been gone now for going on three years, and it seems like just yesterday she died. I wake up every day thinking about her. It still seems weird with her not being here around me every second. We got Casey as a little 8 week old puppy.

I was six years old, and I remember a lot of things about her, but the best thing I remember was, one day we were out playing and the yard and I was laying out on the ground and she came over and she layed there next to me until I finally got up, then she followed me into the house and are favorite game was soccer. She would kick the ball and ass it to me and would do all kinds of stuff. No matter how long it is until I can see her, I will never go one day without thinking of her. Casey died on memorial day, and ever since then I will never be as happy as I was today. The worst thing about her death besides her not being here anymore is that Casey died right in front of me.

Casey was sick all that morning and it being memorial day, there were no vets and my dad was calling emergency #s and we could not get a hold of anyone and Casey die don the floor with me and my mom wrapped around her balling are eyes out. That is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. It to me was a family member dying in your arms. People tell its just a dog, but really its not! Its a human being to me. Casey’s death has changed me and my life and my view on life itself.


Love You Casey Forever and always, hope to see you soon.
Casey Mae
The Jankowski Family