Casper by Pattie Peeling / MOM

It all started when I lost my Mother in April of 94. My 2nd Great Dane (Tippy) Died 7 days later. I could not bear not having My Mother and My best friend, My dog Tippy. The next day I went and got Casper, he was 5 weeks old. He was all white except a few black spots. Nose all PINK, belly too. He was already potty trained (If you can believe that). Well we started puppy class when he was 8weeks old (sneaked in). Taking puppy classes every week and being all white he had to get a bath every week. So he learned to love the bathtub. Good thing we had doors on it he would have been in it all the time.

He loved everyone he ever met, dogs too. Not cats! So after puppy class we went on to beginner and we became a team in helping other dogs (and Owners) learn how to behave. We were trainers! He Loved showing off! After the beginner class we went on to Canine Capers class thats teaches them how to go on escalators, elevators, to be in crowds. He liked that class barked all the way through it. He just loved to be alone though (Weird). He loved my waterbed too.

He played with his toys up until the day he died. He was very sick. I could not keep him any longer. I WILL MISS CASPER. Now I am a foster Mom. I know he wanted me to do this. He loved all dogs.


I will always remember you!
Pattie Peeling