Cauley’s Day Dreamer by Suzanne & Tim Cauley / Love,

Mom & Dad, Bubba, Lucky,

Dreamer Girl you gave to us , A world of love and devotion. Your Gentle manner, your constant presence at my side; Always there to listen to all my woes, my joys, my sorrows. Always ready with a big paw and wet kisses to mingle with my tears. So many great times of playtime in the pool, with you standing under the hose as if taking a shower, your sister Precious jumping and barking at the spray. Mama’s girls!! When you heard those words…My Dreamer & Precious were at my feet, one mirroring the other. Your absence has left it’s mark on our hearts.


You Are Still Living
In All Of Our Hearts,
Cauley's Day Dreamer
10, Sep 2003
Suzanne & Tim Cauley