Chando by Yogi Smith / Your Mommy
who remains behind
to grieve an

Chando used to love to torment me by always taking something that belonged to me, socks, slippers, panty hose and running to the couch which was his sanctuary. He knew when I was busy because he always came to check to see what I was doing and knew that while I was busy was the perfect opportunity to grab something of mine and run and when I followed him and asked, “what have you got, let Mommy see” he tilted his head to one side and give me an innocent look that said, “what do mean, what are you talking about, I don’t have anything”.

I was always amazed at how he could grab my pillow off the bed and run down the hallway with it and jump on the couch with it and act as if he had done nothing wrong.

He left me so many precious memories and many of the pictures of him show him with something of mine in his mouth. Oh, how I wish I could see him do another one of his antics one more time. He was so smart, when I asked him if he was hungry or needed to go outside to potty, he would shake his head no if he did not need anything. My friends used to roar laughing every time I told them what Chando had gotten himself into and used to tell me that I should write a book about him.
Lord Jesus, how I miss my baby.


My precious Chando,
there will never be another like you.
Yogi Smith