Cherub by Judy K Gregory / Mama

Stubby was just about 6 years old. There was a blizzard going strong…He always slipped outside when I came home from work about 11 p.m. Well he got out and then had to come back in as the snow was too deep…I got ready for my bath and I kind of rough housed him a little bit because he was upset he couldn’t stay outside…Well I walked past him and he sank all four fangs in the calf of my leg…If I could have caught him…well I couldn’t…that night he snuck in and laid quietly
on the bottom of the bed….

The next morning as I got ready to go to Menards, He sat on the dining room table and patted me on the cheek meaning he was sorry! He was siamese color with brown stripes and big blue eyes and he had high hind quarters like the manx and a stubby tail…and a lot of personality…mad one minute and sorry the next….sometimes when he wanted out he would run and hit me in the small of the back…He always had to share my supper…he would meow and then pat my hand when I raised my fork and then finally my cheek…

It was hard for him the last 2 1/2 years that he couldn’t be outside to hunt rabbits and birds…there was a new law that they were enforcing…He used to just beg to go out….Now I know he is hunting up in Heaven…but I miss him so much!

This is just one of the stories about my precious Stubby…..He was my playmate, my child, my instigator…my pal….
Now he is in Heaven running the fields….


I will always remember and smile
when I think of you my little Cherub.
Judy K Gregory