Chester by Simona and Vince Ditoma

Bones with welcomes and good-byes

I could look at you for days
While you sleep inside your dreams
Tender licking furry balls
With those tender melting eyes.

I could look at you forever
Till your smell embraces me
Deep inside my weary heart
Haunted by the day we’ll part.

I could look at you for hours
While you look outside the window
For the one we love so much
Watch your soul explode with love.

I could look at you forever
Listen to you breathe and wine
Like a child you’re so defenseless
But the words you cannot speak
But I know, I read your mind.

Tender mornings sleepy joys
Till it all passes me by
Bones with welcomes and good-byes.

We will never forget you,

Simona Ditoma


7, Oct 2002
Simona and Vince Ditoma