Chilli {Boogsy} by Aimee Miller / Mommy

I will never forget that day when I went to the shelter to pick out a dog. You had the most gentle eyes. You were shy and cautious, but I knew that you would be my loyal friend. When I called my parents from college to tell them I got you, I told them what big paws you had. I must admit I was naive about this predictor of adult size,
but that didn’t stop me from loving you.

I thought the ride in the car had made you sick, but it turned out you had parvo and they weren’t sure you would make it through. Against the odds, you did, and our friendship grew stronger.

You went everywhere with me and you became my best friend. You learned to love car rides and running on green grassy hills. You managed to steal quite a few meals from my plate and you earned a spot next to me on the bed.

When I was no longer allowed to keep you at my apartment at school, Grandmom and Granddad took you to their house. And I thought I spoiled you. A new bed, a blanket to tuck you in at night, egg sandwiches and hamburgers (complete with bun), a wooded back yard with lots of critters to explore and loving grandparents who cared for you just as I would have had I been home.

During my summers and breaks at home I spent all the time I could with you. Granddad would send me pictures of you and keep me posted on your latest escapades – like scaring Grandmom out of her sleep when she felt you put your paw on her arm in the middle of the night and you just sat there staring when she woke up.

When I met Daddy, he grew to love you just as much as I did. After we were married, we decided you needed a buddy and Molly came to our house. She took over as the boss right away, stealing you bed and bones and you didn’t seem to mind. She became your pesky little sis who coerced you to play even when you got too old to want to anymore.

You quickly showed your love and protection over each of our two girls. And you showed endless hours of patience with them. Each of them now show their grief in different ways – one breaks into tears when she remembers the special times she had with you and the other, not yet old enough to understand where you went, asks if Boogsy is still sick and when can he come home.

Molly misses you immensely. Of course she doesn’t understand why she doesn’t have you to look after anymore. You two were the best of friends and in the end, she was your eyes when you couldn’t see very far and your ears when you couldn’t hear well. I tell her that one day you will meet again and she will meet all the new friends you are making.

I pray that it will get easier to be without you, but I know I will never miss you any less. You were my comfort and my joy from day to day.

When I think of you, I know you are running in the hills and sniffing the breeze. You are eating all the people food you can and avoiding baths at all costs. You can walk and run again and you no longer have to take medicine every day. You put back your ears and wag that curly tail at those who come to see you. Just as you always did for us.

I love you Chilli and
I know we will meet again one day!


With love,
Chilli {Boogsy}
Aimee Miller