Chino by The Conner Family



{Chino O' Conchobhar}

March 15 1987 ----- November 22 1999

Chow Chow

To our "Ol' Guy Feller Thing"


You came into our lives with the look of a tiny hairy bear,

You ripped up our socks and shoes to let us know that you were there.

You nipped at our feet and shed all your hair,

Reminding us day in and day out that you cared.


We grew fonder and fonder of your loving ways,

And for that we will always say "We love you Chino"

every single day.


You are free of all your pain now,

You have nothing left to hide.

You can join the Dada in heaven,

And sit by his side.


Think of us now and then,

Come visit us in our sleep.

We will keep you alive in our hearts,

Because our love is buried deep.


To always know that we had that time with you,

Will set OUR love for your free.

Your safe now Chino,

You can go to sleep.


The Conner Family















The Conner Family