CHLOE by C.D. and Mitzi / Mommy and Daddy

It is so hard to sit here and tell of our LITTLE ANGEL she has been a part of our life for 16 years and every corner of our home has a memory in it from her. I remember the first day that I saw her she was so small her Momma brought all the babies from my next door neighbors house and she put them under our dresser in our bedroom one by one and that was when I seen my bundle of joy. My husband had never been a cat person he was a dog person and then when I told him it was a inside cat he told me I was crazy then he seen her and that is all it took.

We went fishing up at the lake and she would go in the boat with us and then follow us up the hill and after that first trip she crawled up on his lap laid on his stomach and passed out from exhaustion. We live on the Gulf coast in Texas and had a few hurricanes we had to evacuate for and she don’t it like a pro over the last five years. I had noticed that she wasn’t eating and doing alot of drinking of water and I knew that was not normal for her we took her to the Dr. and they done blood work and she had chronic renal failure so they said that they would give her IV liquids and go from once every ten days or so to three or four times a week.

I feel like she was further along than chronic I think she was in acute failure after spending 16 years with someone you know their habits good or bad. When we came home she started eating again that was Friday and then she went down from there by Sunday she wasn’t even drinking and I know alot will say why not go back to the Dr and start but she didn’t like strangers we had to sedate her just to take her to the Dr. It was hard to say that I didn’t want to stress her out but that is what I done when I took her to the Dr. last Friday. So Monday morning we made the choice to have her go to sleep with respect that she had for us and we had for her.

It was the hardest thing that I have ever done I wanted to be selfish and keep her around for me but what kind of life would she have had feeling good one day and not feeling good the next day. Cats hide their pain very well. As my husband told a gentlemen the other day at Lowes that was the hardest thing that he has ever done in his 66 years and he doesn’t want to have to do that again. We have no children except for OUR LITTLE ANGEL. When we came home to bury her in the back yard we had a little coffin mad for her and made her a place on high ground so that she could get to HEAVEN faster. But in the house it is so quite that it is spooky it’s not that she made any noise but it still feels that way.

I will never be able to eat another tuna fish sandwich everytime I opened a can or tuna she got half and then I would have to open and extra one so tuna is out of my diet. She would meet us at the back door when we would go grocery shopping and then get in the chair to see what we brought her home and today that was very hard to bring the bags in and get meat a the door from MISS NOSEY ROSEY. I do hope that this pain goes away soon she will never be forgotten I just hope it gets somewhat easier for us because right now it is killing our hearts something real bad. I just know that she is not hurting anymore because she was not feeling well that is all I can say right now. She maybe gone but never forgotten. I feel for anyone that has
lost a member of there extended family.

One day we will see her again when we go to Heaven to be wit our love ones and the GOOD LORD up above. Chloe we will miss you forever and Momma and Daddy love you with all our heart.


C.D. and Mitzi