Cleo by Rud



April 1 1989 ----- April 25 2000


Today I lost a very dear friend,

My companion of eleven years,

And every time I think of her,

My eyes fill up with tears.

My heart is filled with emptiness,

The pain cuts like a knife,

And I’m trying to do the best that I can,

Without her in my life.

Her little body had given up,

Racked with so much pain,

And who am I to keep her here,

When the angels called her name.

She was so brave my little love,

Right to the very end,

And I just want to let her know,

I was proud to be her friend.

But destiny had a plan for her,

Right from the time of birth,

She was needed in the heavens above,

Stars can’t survive on Earth.

So as you look to the heavens tonight,

To the bright stars up above,

One is shining a little brighter,

It’s fuelled with Cleo’s love.


Rud von Mollendorf