CoCoa by Henry and Judi / Grammy and Grampy

We lost our dear little girl to a rare kind of cancer. The vets at her death concluded most likely cancer but still could not give a positive name. She left us far too soon as she had only turned seven in September of 2003. She was like a child to us and touched many lives in her short time here on this earth. In December I took her in for her well patient visit to keep her current on her shots. I noticed a fuzz that seemed to be over her eyes and thought perhaps she was developing cataracts.

The vet said she thought everything was fine with her but that I needed to watch what she ate. I told her that she would be surprised at what a little amount she consumed and she gave me the don’t give her so many treats routine which I was very careful in what she ate. Something was not right and by the 5th of Jan. I took her in again and that started a whirlwind of tests and biopsies and yet not anything conclusive. On the 14th I picked her up at the last tests and she was going down hill fast.

I had a mountain of meds to give her and I saw the look on her little face that I am tired no more please. She passed away at 3 am the following morning and I am so thankful that I was with her. We adopted her when she was a tiny puppy that someone left to die in the back of our property. It was very cold and she only weighed 3 pounds. We think she was a product of a puppy mill operation and she looked a lot like a mini-Rottwieler. She was so smart and became a very much
loved part of our family.

She insisted on everyone doing the chores and would come back in the morning to get me if I didn’t get out on the farm when she thought I should. She insisted on my husband going to check the chickens at nine every night and bless his heart, he took her out even when we didn’t have chickens. She instinctively knew how to make the cows stay back when the hay was being put in the field and even would jump up and take bites of the hay trying to help feed it to the cows. She helped my husband recover from a serious heart surgery and even though she was not around children much, she loved them. Always trying to give them kisses whether they wanted them or not.

She would bark when she saw a car coming down the drive and run around like crazy to find a toy to greet them at the door. We took her all over the country in the truck and a camper. She loved it and was just a joy to have ride along.

I still cannot believe she is gone and even though I know we treated her as good as we knew how, I still question in my mind if I could have done anything to help her. The vet said that the cancer started in the bone marrow and that it was a super fast kind of cancer and no hope and I still just don’t understand why such a wonderful creature
had to leave us so soon.

It was liked she was dropped in a wilderness area from nowhere and given the fact that we have wild animals that would have killed her and it was so very cold, it seems that God had a purpose for us to be together for a while. We sure do miss our little girl.


With love and a heavy heart,
Henry and Judi