Danielle by Nancy



May 4 1993 ----- December 20 1999

Siberian Husky


The Sweetest Siberian

What a sweetly shy Siberian Husky was Miss Danielle

Her lovely ice-blue eyes sparkling with life

with happiness with sheer joy of motion.


This furry Arctic angel leapt

through her world with airy canine grace

She'd sing her Northern song-her yipping bark

heard seldom but available upon request.


What a gentle canine soul-she'd take treats

with no touch save the slightest

delicate brush of her whiskers.


Her happy kisses not given often-

all the more precious for their rarity.


She had the true Siberian heart-born to pull

she guided her dearly-loved Mistress Nancy

through the sometimes icy landscapes of the soul.


A truly perfect lead dog this selfless sweet Siberian lady.

Her perfect snowy-white paws

gleam in December dusk as she springs

straight up-airborne-neatly topping the fence- now heaven borne.


Her health and vigour restored

she leaps and bounces

at the Rainbow Bridge-happily playing

waiting for her beloved Miss Nancy.


A tribute to Miss Danielle May 1993 to December 1999


-Deeply loved

-Taken too soon

-Sorely missed