Dear Prudence by Lorraine Larrabee / Prudy’s mama

My former boyfriend handed handed me a clipping of the cutest dog I had ever seen and said “our dog is at the shelter, you’d better go get her. Without saying a word I gathered our Basset mix, Sexy Sadie up and drove to the shelter hoping that she would still be there. She was. I’ll never forget their first meeting, it was all tail wagging and butt sniffing. I convinced the shelter staff to allow me to take her home immediately. She loved all of us but Prudy especially loved me. She was my dog ever since the moment we saw each other. I lost her to cancer
on January 30 of this year.

We’d been together for almost 11 years. Her name really fit her as she was a dear, sweet little girl who loved her life and brought joy to my heart every single day. I miss that adorable little face with those beautiful eyes every day for the rest of my life.


With much love and devotion,
Dear Prudence
Lorraine Larrabee