Deefa by Kathy Hamilton / Love you always

Hi my girlfriend Julie breeds Jack Russells and the day came that this litter was born and she noticed this puppy, he had a dropped jaw which meant he wasn’t able to be sold as a pure bred so she asked me if l would like him l fell in love with him took him home and the kids were fussing over him and spoiling him. We had Deefa for about 7 years he was always running and very active till the other day l noticed he couldn’t walk, so l took him to the local vet and we had x-rays done and it showed that Deefa had slipped a disk in his back unable to feel anything from the middle of his back down,so the vet tried a number of tests but the inevitable decision had to be made it was so hard to go in there and see this lively little dog just hunched up.

So the vet did the only thing that was kind for Deefa and put him to sleep with me hugging him all the while. After that l bought him home and buried him in his favorite place in the back yard with a cross. So now when l look out my window l can still see him there. I miss him so much, but it was nice to know he died on a worthy day Daffodil Day.


Goodbye My Dear Friend,
Kathy Hamilton