March 19 1989 —- April 24 1994


E-Z was a girl that was always by our side.

She traveled from the east coast to the west coast keeping me company

in my 1989 Peterbuilt and acted more human every day we watched tv

went for walks in parks even ate together when we traveled you might

say she was a little spoiled. E-Z was a very loving pet and loved everyone

around her. She protected my children when at home and played with all

the kids in the neighborhood. She could never be replaced in our lives.

I miss her barking to let me know she wants to eat or go for a walk

and her pulling at my hand in the morning to wake me up.

All this is missed and hearts are broken because one man she met didn’t

like pitbulls and he killed her instead of getting to know what a lovable friend

she could be. Anyone who reads this please remember just because

they carry the title pitbull their not all bad their just like kids its

all in how you raise them.

We loved her and she loved everyone.

E-Z we love and miss you always

Your family

John Bonnie Tab Kat Dan Bj Jr