Ebony by Melissa Horan

I will never forget the day that I found my Ebony. She was the “runt” of the litter and wasn’t getting fed properly due to the larger puppies pushing her out of the way. So at 3 weeks old I took her home to feed her with a bottle every 3 hours. She fit in the palm of my hand.

At that time in my life I really needed something to put all my love into, and she was just perfect. Ebony and I were the perfect pair we both needed each other. She went with me everywhere. There were many times we went to McDonalds and got happy meals and
went to a park to eat them.

Here in the past few months I had started noticing changes in her, her age was catching up to her. She couldn’t hear anymore and her shiny black fur was turning gray in many places. I started to fear that I was soon going to have to make a very difficult decision.

Well God decided that he wasn’t going to make me make any decisions. Ebony, being the nosey rosey little dog she was, snuck out the front door. I searched for hours for her. My husband was the one to find her, she had been hit by a car and killed. I never dreamed that I would loose my Ebony this way. I miss you Dolly, and I love you more then anyone can ever understand.

Loving you always,



Melissa Horan