Miece by Stella

When Lisa moved into our house she brought you, Miece. Nando our other dog loved you and cared for you so much. He was your best friend. You two played ball and tug-o-war toether. One day when I was at my friend Mila’s house, having fun, my mom called. She said that you and Nando had gotten out. And you had been hit by a car. She also told me somehow you had been thrown to the curb.

Nando stayed with you the whole time when waiting for Lisa. When Lisa found you, you were close to death. Lisa burried her face in your furr and cried and cried. I was so sad and sort of mad that the car hadn’t seen you. I will always remember when you would stick your whole snout into the water dish and got it all soppy when you drank.
Nando, (I think) had a crush on you. He liked you a lot and
I think He still does.

With Much Love,