Eddy by Celina Bryant /


When I was in college, I got so stressed out that
nothing made me happy anymore.
One day, I decided to visit the local pound.
Upon entering the shelter I couldn’t believe
my eyes.
The little creatures were all so sad and starved
(not only for food),but attention.
There must have been 20 dogs there that day.
That day, I must have cried my heart out.
I was literally heartbroken.
I felt so sorry for these little guys.
Well, I returned the next day with the
intentions of adopting a dog…any dog.
When I drove up, there was a weird silence
surrounding the pound.
I did not hear any dog barking.
So, I walked in and there was only one,
huge, big ball of fur in the kennel.
HE was so hairy; I thought he was a sheep dog.
His name was Eddy and he had once belonged
to an Air Force family that had to
relocate at a moments notice.
The animal keepers stated that he was such
a good dog, they promised to find him
a good family.
So, I became the lucky winner.
He was given to me…FREE! Apparently,
he was supposed to have been put down
to sleep that day, but he was too big
to fit in the chamber.
Thank God! I saved him and he saved me.
I took him home and a dear friend of
mine offered to cover his first vet bill.
The Vet shaved his hair and discovered that
my poor little Eddy had been cigarette
burned on his head and tail.
Needless to say, he had been severely abused.
He weighed “only fifteen” pounds and should
have weighed sixty pounds.

Over the course of 3 years, Eddy has gained enough
weight to where he is a fat and sassy 60 pound dog.
He saved me from an attack by a Rottweiller
and he is attached to me at the hip.
Everyday I thank God for sending him my way.

Appreciate your pets for we only have them for a short while.


Our Pet's are little souls disguised as walking fur.
Celina Bryant